Kali de Mano

Kali de Mano (KdM) is a FMA style founded by long time Martial Artist and brothers Claes and Hans Johansson. KdM is the results after many years training within Southeast Asian Martial Arts internationally. Both brothers were close friends and students with late Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. Their training has been influenced by several master from different styles in different martial arts.

KdM emphasizes a progressive learning process starting with a linear and medio approach moving into corto and largo techniques. The focuss is on flow and mastering the basic of the arts - to move on to more advanced techniques hence the KdM expression: Build from basic - Advance from Experience

Kali de Mano

Kali de Mano added 40 new photos.Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at 11:18pm

Kali de Mano Immersion/Mastery Camp 2018.
How do you even begin to describe this. Lets start with some of the pics - more photo and films soon!
Thank you ALL for this precious gift!
As an organiser this means so much!
Having participants saying ”best camp ever” and other great feedbacks it is just such a great feeling. Thank you!

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Kali de Mano

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Kali de Mano

Kali de Mano added 37 new photos — with Hans Johansson and 13 others.Monday, June 11th, 2018 at 8:13pm

Some visuals from the Kali de Mano SummerCamp 18. Thank you to Pendekar Joko, all club leaders, all participants! Congratulations to newly graded members!

We covered Kali, Silat, Sarong, Classic Arnis, Kipas(fan), Long Staff, Karambit, Daga, Dulo-Dulo and much more. Well done everyone!

Thank you all for participating in this awesome event! See you at KdM Summertraining or at Immersion Camp - new semester in August!

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Kali de Mano

Kali de ManoFriday, June 8th, 2018 at 8:26am

Long staff, Espada y Daga, Sarong, Daga, Classical Arnis, Kipas and much much more at KdM SummerCamp 2018

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Kali de Mano

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Saturday Special in Stockholm! Thanks to Antonio and the Stockholm team for awesome workout.

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