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Kali de Mano (KdM) is a FMA style founded by long time Martial Artist and brothers Claes and Hans Johansson. KdM is the results after many years training within Southeast Asian Martial Arts internationally. Both brothers were close friends and students with late Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. Their training has been influenced by several master from different styles in different martial arts.

KdM emphasizes a progressive learning process starting with a linear and medio approach moving into corto and largo techniques. The focuss is on flow and mastering the basic of the arts - to move on to more advanced techniques hence the KdM expression: Build from basic - Advance from Experience

Kali de Mano

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Kali de Mano

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Join us now!

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Learn about Kali de Mano & Martial Arts - send a mail to for private training or KdM Membership!

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Kali de Mano

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Join us in Paris - great initiative from my friend Fred Evrard

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Kali de Mano

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What happens when two teams come together under one idea - an idea to share their knowledge - to create something more - The Peaceful Warrior Camp!

The last years the collaboration between Kali de Mano and Kali Majapahit has brought members from many parts of the world to this event!

We started in Bali and ended up in Thailand. This year we finalised The PWC in a spectacular grand finale. We just finished our last PWC event - it was great! Our next move together is a few years from here and we will re-emerge with something different!

My sincerest THANK YOU to my colleagues during these years - Guro Fred Evrard and Guro Lila Evrard and Sifu James Nener - it has been A blast!

I would also like to direct THANK YOU to all participants from all over the world that has joined these camps - I have made so many new friends!

Now some people needs to be specially mentioned since their participation has made the camps so much richer - Guro Guillaume Foucaud, Guro Stefan Linnarsson, Guro Mike Waite, Guro John Honeyman, Guro Ben Boeglin, Guro Eugenia Valente, Guro David Munoz, Guro Rose and Guro Jakob - and so many more epic happenings with Guros and participants!
A big shout out to Teacher Bea Caisson and the TDF Women who simply was a awesome joy working with!

And again Guro Lila Evrard - without this epic woman the camp simply wouldn’t have existed - Thank You dear sister!

Thank you -
With all Respect to you all - Warriors of peace!

Kali de Mano and Kali Majapahit will continue the great collaboration - Meanwhile both styles will hold camps and events of their own - please feel free to visit websites and social media for more info and to join!

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