Our Techniques

Kali de Mano is a Filipino Martial Arts style with a mix of modern and traditional training. In our art we incorporate traditional blade and stick training, empty hands training and grappling/dumog. The filipino arts are know for speed, efficiency, ability to adapt and react to changing situations. Welcome to try out our trainings and learn more about FMA.

Our Training

Welcome to our training. Here you will find a mix of fast action and traditional techniques. We work with coordination, speed and in many aspects of training: fitness, selfdefense and art. Interested in regular classes, private training or group training? Contact us for more information and learn more about our ways, philosophies and trainings.

Our Clubs

Welcome to the Kali de Mano Clubs! At our clubs you find Kali de Mano and several other Filipino and Southeast Asian martial art styles. Here you will meet highly competent, passionate and friendly instructors. Find your nearest club and contact us for a presentation and a FREE try-out training.

Welcome – Mabuhay!