Kali Göteborg

Club Kali Göteborg

Kali Göteborg club and dojo is situated in central Gothenburg with easy access to parking and public transit. The club specializes in Kali de Mano, born from the oldest known form of self-defense and weapons use in the Philippines.
 They also specialize in various other southeast Asian martial arts forms such as; Pencak Silat, Ju-Jitsu and more. Kali de Mano founder Claes Johansson heads up the training at Kali Göteborg – together with a very competent team of instructors – our motto is “empowerment” and our aim is to bring out the martial artist in all their members.

Join Kali Göteborg

By joining Kali Göteborg, you have the opportunity to enhance your fitness level, learn self-defense techniques, make new friends and relieve stress in a fun and challenging environment. Our members are women and men of different ages and backgrounds. Whatever the reason for beginning your martial arts journey, Kali Gothenburg will set you of in the right direction. If you have a willingness to learn, we will happily teach you in a friendly and accepting environment.

Coach’s Corner

Hey, Claes Johansson here –  head coach at Kali Gothenburg!

I’d like to welcome you down to the Kali de Mano-dojo for a free try-out-training.
Now you’ve seen some films and some clips – it’s time to experience our training first hand – and also to meet our awesome members.

Send me a mail or give me a call and I will give you all the details of when and where. You need indoor training gear, tshirt and preferably long sleeve training pants. No shoes or shoes specifically made for tatamis/mats.

We have a strict no violance, no drugs, no bullying policy.
Everybody who is interested in serious, superfun and great martial arts training are welcome!

Get in touch with me, maybe this is something for you – Make your move!

Claes Johansson

Ps. If you are more into MMA, BJJ or Thaiboxing – our colleagues at GBGMMA (same dojo) has some really nice groups as well!