Our Techniques

Our Techniques

In all our clubs we focus on martial arts training and personal development. To become an excellent martial artist you need excellent training partners and top of the line instructors. Our key motto is “Challenge yourself”.

Our training and techniques is physically demanding when it comes to speed, coordination, strenght – you need will, repetition and patience to learn about the Filipino martial arts. Mentally, the arts push you in endurance, resourcefulness and ability to break through problems.

Learn more about our methods on the headlines to the left and Watch these videos for a short presentation of what we do – contact us if you want a free – try-out training.

Kali de Mano

Kali de Mano is a filipino martial art. Kali de Mano and FMA are mostly know for their fast moving stick and blades patterns. Kali de Mano is a style focussing on weapons as well as empty handed skills. The basic functions of blocking and striking are introduced and learned in the basic levels. After learning the basics, the moves becomes more advanced and the excerises become more focused on speed, reaction, flow and improvement.

The intermediate and advanced groups focus on intricate parts of the arts, learning the skills a more traditional way. This group is suitable for a anyone who wants to put in an effort to learn about our style Kali de Mano.

The club standard is “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”. We dont care if you manage 10 or 100 push ups as long as you are ready to push yourself further and go for it!


  • Focus Kali de Mano and FMA
  • Offered 2 a week + seminars and specials
  • 75 minute training sessions.
  • Tecnical and physical training
  • Improving strenght, endurance and skills
  • Fun, Fast, Functional
Pencak Silat

We are working with a Silat concept consisting of influences from Bakti Negara, Pencak Silat Concept and Tapac Suci. The training is of traditional character with modern application. Pencak Silat has its origins in Indonesia and around South East Asia. Pencak Silat just like FMA are trained in many different ways with many different approaches. Our Pencak Silat training are a mix of form, traditions and function. Joining Pencak Silat you will learn basic footwork, striking and flows. Putting them together to a very interesting martial art and way of application.

The club standard is “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”. The Pencak Silat group is about development on all aspects of the art. The specialised training is fitted for the individual practitioner.


Kick and Thaibox

This TKS-training system is a mix of Thaiboxing and different fighting methods Kickboxing, Savate and Sikaran. The training is highly physical, with advanced pad work and  professionally developed sparring methods.Ringside training is all about results. This is a heavy training session filled with sweat and will power. Learn about boxing and kicking in a mix from Southeast Asian and other martial arts.

The Ringside Concept takes influence from FMA, Thaiboxing, European boxing, Savate and more. Trainings are physical and technical and emphasizes on padwork and cardio training with a good dose of Southeast Asian techniques.

The club standard is “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”. We dont care if you manage 10 or 100 push ups or  as long as you are ready to push yourself further and go for it!


  • Focus, conditioning, sparring
  • 60 minute training sessions
  • High tempo
  • Learn basics and become a better fighter.
  • Requires – attending trainings, ambition
Ju-Jitsu and Dumog

Grappling, throwing and locking skills in a traditional Martial Art. Very suitable for learning body mechanics and basic selfdefence applications.

Kombatan Presas Style

The style of late Great Grandmaster Ernesto A Presas. A very effective and good way to learn more about the core of the Filipino Martial Arts – Stickfighting. Kombatan, previousy known as Modern Arnis is one of the most widespread styles of FMA.