Claes Johansson

Founder of Kali de Mano and The Kali Society. Expert in Filipino Martial Arts. Recognized as Senior Master by Grandmaster E.A Presas. Trained in Europe, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand. Experienced in: several FMA Styles, Pencak Silat, Savate, Thaiboxing, TaeKwonDo and Jutsu.

Pangulong Guro Claes Johansson, is one of the Johansson Brothers who founded of the Kali de Mano and the Kali Society. Claes Johansson is regarded as an expert in Filipino martial arts and has been recognized as senior master by Grandmaster E.A. Presas. Claes Johansson has been practicing martial arts for 3 decades and has traveled the globe studying and teaching FMA and several other martial arts. At his side resides a team of various competent, skilled martial artists and instructors. Together they carry their motto EMPOWERMENT with the aim – To bring out the martial artist in all their members and practitioners they meet.