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With Kali de mano I trained my body, mind and heart - to be a peaceful warrior. The style has good technique and a strong camaraderie - Kali de Mano is like a family.

Jim Storrs - USA - Globetrotter

If you are looking for an amazing martial arts training in Sweden, look no furthur. Guro Claes Johansson, founder of Kali de Mano, is not only a fantastic skilled instructor, but with an outstanding spirit and approach of South east asian martial arts. Whether you are beginner or advanced practitioner, you will be amazed by the teaching quality and friendly environment. If you have the chance, give Kali de Mano a try. You won't regret it.

Guro Lila Evrard - Co-founder - Senior Instructor Kali Majapahit - Southeast Asian Martial Arts

...The training is SUPERB and the people are STARS... Be warned: Looking at the extraordinary members of their club, I swear that they have a Good Guy Filter affixed to their doorway. You either walk in a Good Guy, or you walk out a Good Guy!

- Lee Yee Han & Ingo Jenni - SINGAPORE & SWITZERLAND

Kali De Mano exemplify the true spirit of Filipino Martial Arts not only in their oustanding breadth and depth of knowledge and demostrable skills, but it also exhibits the kind of humility, honour and integrity that provides a sound foundation for everything they taught. It was my honour and pleasure to meet Guro Claes 3 years ago at Bali Camp. A man with an incredible depth of knowledge in FMA and teaches with perfect blend of skill, humour and compassion. I am proud to call him as one of my Teacher & Friend. Pugay Po..!

Rose Canda - SINGAPORE

Friends of Kali de Mano. The founders of Kali de Mano, the Johansson Brothers, are passionate about Southeast Asian martial arts. This influence their teaching which are fun, challenging and covers a great range of varieties. We have witnessed the development of some of the Kali de Mano blackbelts, we have seen their change and increased level of skill, this is a true testament to the style as well as the teachers. We have always enjoyed attending their camps and are looking forward to the next one. Mabuhay!

- Katja Rugaas and Arne Bergersen - NORWAY

Kali De Mano is a fantastic, realistic and complete system. It has a great Southeast Asian Martial Arts curriculum, completed by a strong personal growth and character education program. I can only encourage anyone to give it a try.

Punong Guro Fred Evrard - Founder - Head Instructor Kali Majapahit - Southeast Asian Martial Arts

Training Kali de Mano is a high-quality training of boxing, kicking, stickfighting, groundfighting and many more aspects of FMA. It improves your coordination and strength together with the extraordinary friendship there... you always feel welcome! It´s always a pleasure to train with Kali de Mano.

Dick Pettersson - Minami Budokai - Stockholm, SWEDEN.